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cadre – the coffee bar

The coffee bar in warm walnut wood looks trendy and stylish at the same time –

something that is particularly highlighted by combining the narrow frames with the

elegant black glass. The décor of the 12 mm narrow frames encasing the glass doors

of the wall and tall units can be chosen to coordinate precisely with the expressive

wood fronts. Alternatively, the frames can be supplied in any colour from rational’s

soft lacquer range in striking contrast to the dark glass.

Tall units impress on account of their professional concept and high functionality...

press release_rational_cadre
rational serves up a treat. New “mahlzeit” is the taste of things to come.

rational einbauküchen GmbH, an international manufacturer of high-end kitchens

since 1963, based in Melle, Germany, is launching a new product line for a young

target group in the mid-price segment.

‘With “mahlzeit” we have created a kitchen concept that not only reflects the spirit of

the times but also identifies with the equirements and expectations of young people today’,

says Thomas Klee, Managing Director of rational. True to the motto “Tight Budget, Top Taste”

“Low Budget, the new brand is designed to offer dealers a broader portfolio, making it

possible for younger first-time buyers to purchase a rational kitchen of their own...

press release_rational_mahlzeit
ino(x) – wood & stainless steel: a sophisticated material symbiosis

Warm woods are the ideal partners for pairing up with stainless steel fronts. The exquisite

looking bookmatched walnut veneer and the real stainless steel front ino(x) characterize

the look of this high-end design. When combined with wood, above all bookmatched veneer,

kitchen fronts in stainless steel prove timeless classics. They bring together wood, the material

traditionally used for cabinet doors, with modern easy-care stainless steel.

A material mix of stainless steel and wood conveys a sense of high quality, durability and

elegance, creating a look that is both natural and sophisticated at the same time...

press release_rational_ino(x)
atmos: All that glitters ain’t gold (Prince)

The new trend kitchens are warm and inviting. The combination of indigo supermatt – a rich

shade of blue – and striking gold-effect melamine offers a play on contrasts.

The atmos model distinguishes itself by a refined elegance and an exquisite material-colour mix.

The compact cubic-looking design focuses on elegant, clean lines that convey an understated

symmetry. The special vibrancy of atmos evolves from an exciting blend of warmth and coolness.

The warmth of the striking gold effect encounters the coolness of the trend colour indigo,

producing extraordinary contrasts in the process...

press release_rational_atmos Indigo
onda – life in the kitchen is perfect all round

With its finely curved fronts onda ranks as a true classic amongst rational’s broad

range of kitchen designs. As if mimicking the motion of a wave, the furniture fronts

gently taper off towards the top and bottom.

Here white and copper harmonize superbly to create a homely ambience. The warm-

lustrous shimmer of the appropriately apportioned copper lends the elegant-timeless

colour white a hint of glamour. The reflections of the precious metal...

press release_rational_onda white & copper
German Design Award for the second year running

Another design accolade for rational einbauküchen GmbH

We are delighted that the German Design Council has singled out rational’s new design

concept "floo" to receive its international premium prize, the German Design Award 2017.

This is rational’s second award in a row. Last year rational’s kitchen concept tio-zen edition

was the successful contender. 

The design concept "floo" was developed in collaboration with the internationally successful

designer Karim Rashid. "Floo" is a design concept that is as minimalist as it is ingenious.

It combines the best of two worlds: Karim Rashid’s strong creativity and rational’s affinity

for functional as well as aesthetically-appealing kitchen solutions...

press release_rational_GermanDesignAward2017
Karim Rashid can be rational – Go with the floo

Starting in 2015, world renowned designer Karim Rashid and German kitchen

engineers at rational began a cooperation to jointly bring out a new kitchen design

concept, combining the best of two worlds: Karim Rashid’s strong design and creativity

plus rational’s keen eye on practical yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen solutions.

The highly anticipated result of this cooperation is called "floo" - a simple, minimalistic,

but still rational kitchen design. It is inspired by round, natural shapes and strong,

monolithic elements...


Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. Over 3000 designs

in production, over 300 awards and working in over 40 countries attest to Karim’s legend

of design. Karim’s diversity affords him the ability to cross-pollinate ideas, materials,

behaviors, aesthetics from one typology to the next...

rational_press_release "Go with the floo"
rational_press_release_Biography Karim Rashid
rational_press_release_company profile

rational_Pressetext "Go with the floo"
rational_Pressetext_Biographie Karim Rashid
rational_Pressetext Firmenporträt

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Design prize for rational einbauküchen GmbH

The German Design Council has singled out the rational kitchen tio-zen edition

to receive its international premium prize, the German Design Award 2016.

The German Design Award ranks as one of the world’s most prestigious design

competitions and is held in high regard well beyond professional circles.

It is the goal of the German Design Council to discover, present and award

unique design trends. Thus, every year high calibre submissions from product

and communications design...

press release_rational_GermanDesignAward2016
collaboration with renowned international designer

rational einbauküchen GmbH is currently developing a new

kitchen concept in collaboration with the internationally

renowned designer Karim Rashid.

The aim is to inject rational‘s in-house design competence with

fresh external influences in order to bring forth a product that

not only fulfils the high aesthetic expectations at the top end of

the market but also represents in particular a composition

geared to the practical demands of everyday kitchen life....

press release_rational_Rashid
passe|par|tout exclusively by rational

An innovative & highly flexible organization system

Self-realization also in terms of furnishing tastes and style of living

is one of the mega-trends of the 21st century. No run-of-the-mill

solutions here! On the contrary highly personal solutions are called for.

This applies not only to the overall look of the kitchen but is something

that is now implemented behind the furniture fronts with equal consistency.

A kitchen’s storage space is limited and therefore precious. Organization is key.

That’s why rational has exclusively developed a highly innovative kitchen

organization system that is not only designed for use inside the cabinets

but for wall-hanging as well...

press release_rational_passepartout
The new superstars: white & copper

The timelessly elegant colour white launches itself afresh and in terms of

versatility and variability proves more effective than ever before. Likewise

experiencing a successful revival is the colour copper. A new dream team

thus emerges, providing trendsetters on the furnishing front with inspiration

for designing stylish kitchen diners...

Many consumers dream of owning a white kitchen because this timeless

classic colour is a true all-rounder that never goes out of fashion...

Elegantly staged

White is inspiring. Thoughts associated with openness, transparency and

purity spring to mind. No surprise, therefore, that white ranks as Germany’s

absolute favourite kitchen colour. Yet, the wide range of stereotype kitchens

can easily become boring – unless both design and planning are refreshingly

different and dare to depart from the mainstream, as is the case with this new

lifestyle kitchen. With its aesthetically curvaceous lines and soft-looking shapes

onda stands in stark contrast to the once dominant rigidly puristic design that...



press release_ino(x)
atmos indigo

press release_atmos Indigo
cadre walnut
onda white & copper

press release_onda white & copper
floo by Karim Rashid

press_release "Go with the floo"
tio Glass
solo: High-gloss lacquer & gold
cambia in white & grey
casa in vino
onda white

press release onda white
topaz ultrawhite supermatt

press release topaz ultrawhite supermatt
cosmo glazed oak

press release cosmo glazed oak
cambia emerald

press release cambia emerald
atmos fleetwood graphite

press release atmos fleetwood graphite
lano wild oak

press release lano wild oak

press release topaz

press release cadre
onda orchid

press release onda orchid
tio zen edition

press release tio zen edition
casa modern

press release casa
casa classic

press release casa
atmos Fango

The special charm of the atmos is based on an exciting
mix of naturalness and cool aloofness. The warm, earthy
trend colour fango teams up with elements in cool black glass.

Pressetext atmos Fango en.doc

One of cambia’s great virtues
is its almost inexhaustible flexibility
and versatility...

clou Honey

Wood loves colour: a multifunctional and
highly personalized living solution, presented
here in a combination of book-matched sepia
oak and honey soft lacquer. The attractive wall
unit configuration conceals a fully functional,
user-friendly kitchen.

Pressetext clou Honey en.doc
cosmo holm oak

Here a natural beauty enters the stage,
bringing with it an array of positive attributes.
In this open-plan design holm oak and
cappuccino soft lacquer work their magic to full effect.

Pressetext cosmo Steineiche_en.doc

The combination of boldly grained wood and
a warm shade of white lends this kitchen design a
welcoming, contemporary feel. The natural-looking
wood decor Cortina creates an inviting atmosphere,
providing a warm contrast to the light-coloured furniture fronts.


Black magic.
Curvaceous contours 
in sensual black...


High-gloss fronts teamed with wild cherry produce
a captivating colour symphony in radiant natural colours.
Distinctly structured wall-hung living-room-style furniture
elements provide a smooth, harmonious transition from
the kitchen to the living area.

Pressetext puro Natur en
tio Honey

For avant-gardists and lovers of an ultra-modern
and geometrical design this tio kitchen with its myriad
of decorative yet at the same time practical elements
opens up a new world of experiences and communications.

Pressetext tio Honey en

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