In harmony with nature.

As the manufacturer of high-quality fitted kitchen furniture rational accepts its duty towards people and nature by
observing and implementing aspects of environmental protection in its material input, the manufacturing process as well as
in the practical use of its kitchens. These high quality and environmentalstandards are verified by various certificates and
test confirmations awarded by neutral bodies.


In 1996 rational was one of the first kitchen manufacturers to become a member of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V.
(German Quality Assurance Association) and to be awarded the "Golden M", the RAL quality mark. It assures consumers that
the tested pieces of furniture conform to a high quality standard and are non-hazardous to health as well as non-harmful
to the environment.


It is part of rational's environmental protection concept to act according to ecological criteria in its selection of materials
and suppliers; the objective being to reduce the use and impact of harmful materials to a minimum and as far as possible
to avoid their use entirely.


rational uses wood from responsible forest management. The majority of suppliers are certified according to the Forest
Stewardship Council (FSC). This certificate is the most important international seal of approval for wood produced from
environmentally friendly and socially responsible cultivation. The company predominantly uses FSC-certified particle board
made from recycled wood and thus contributes towards protecting the environment.